The passing of a loved one is a difficult time that is often made more complicated by the necessity for estate administration. Our goal is to support you by taking this legal burden off your shoulders, allowing you the space to connect with loved ones over more meaningful issues.

Denise Redinger has handled many probate proceedings over the years. In addition to her expertise in trusts and probate matters, she also brings a great deal of compassion and professionalism to her practice. If you have been appointed as a personal representative or have another probate administration question, please contact our office today for a free phone consult at

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What happens during probate?

Each probate proceeding offers unique circumstances. Generally speaking, if a valid will exists, the following steps must occur:

  1.  The Court confirms a will as valid;
  2.  A personal representative is appointed to oversee the administration of the estate;
  3.  Notice is given to all heirs and any interested governmental agencies;
  4.  Notice is published in the newspaper so that any existing creditors may make a claim;
  5.  An inventory of all the estate's assets is taken;
  6.  Any debts owing to the estate are paid;
  7.  Any remaining assets are distributed to the named heirs.

Because estate administration often occurs during a very difficult time for families, an attorney is helpful in navigating the complex legal requirements that surround a probate proceeding.

What is a TEDRA?

TEDRA (Trusts and Estates Dispute Resolution Act of Washington) is a statute that provides nonjudicial methods for settling disputes surrounding trusts and estates, thus potentially avoiding the costs of a court hearing or extensive litigation. For example, if the terms of a will are unclear, a TEDRA document can be drafted to clarify the terms and all potential heirs can sign their agreement to this change. ​

Can I avoid probate?

Certain assets are not subject to probate, such as insurance policies and estates left to a revocable living trust. An experienced attorney can help you review any existing estate planning documents and an inventory of assets to determine the best course of action. 

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